SportRecognized Association


SportREcognized is the new opportunity for international sport federations to act in the society:  Our  intention is to protect the interests of international sport federations, to establish  relationships among them and to assist their formal and informal recognition, by providing projects and platforms in order to increase their visibility, exposure, participation and financing. 


SportREcognized’s mission is to enlarge the world of sport by helping new sports to arise and to develop in order to contribute to a larger freedom of movement, to better health of the world population and to a greater diversity of choices for every single human being.


SportREcognized’s strategy is to lobby for their member’s interests both internationally and nationally, identify and organize conferences on recent sports topics and sport events/games. We will be fighting theories around which sports are, and which are not recognized, or eligible/not eligible for different developments. SportREcognized will not interfere in the autonomy of any sport organizations.


SportREcognized is and shall always be supportive to its members, as well as all the international sports organizations, ready anytime to start collaboration with any partner interested, according to the principles of mutual respect, value, dialogue and common solutions in the interest of sport and the benefit of society.


SportREcognized is the the ultimate joint platform for international sport federations, a unique platform that unites all international sport federations that want to join and act together, especially those  who want and need to be recognized as legitimate international sport federations.

It is required that the international sport federations be respected and appreciated because they are the foundation and the pillars of sport. Their unity and solidarity give consistency to the world sport movement.

SportREcognized  is an organization for international sport federations who want to look stronger, learn faster and be more professional by sharing experiences, costs and knowledge and contribute to sport development.

Each National sport ministry or National Olympic Committee have an important role in enabling, financing and supporting the internal and external program of activities of the national federations, as well as in organization of sports events, together with them, under the guidance of their international sport federations. SportREcognized will help it’s members as a higher instance, to influence national sport ministries and NOCs to promote, sustain and finance their sports.

SRE office is always open and ready to assist you in the matters of regulating status and recognition problems of your organizations, as well as visa issues regarding events organisation. You can always get any form of communication, certification, explanation or anything else that could be deliverd from SRE to help the processes your organisations lead with local or national sport or administrative authorities. Feel free to contact us any time


SportREcongized Association

Association of international sport federations



SportREcongized Association

( SRE)



Article 1

In accordance with Article 60 ff  of the Swiss Civil Code,  an association called SportREcongized Association (SRE) is founded and established for an unlimited period of time.


Article 2

SRE is a non profit association composed of international sport federations, associations or organizations. SRE and its members reject all forms and means of discrimination against individuals, groups of people, organisations or countries on grounds of ethnic origin, gender, language, religion or politics.
SRE supports a fair representation of women in sporting activities and in the management of sport.


Article 3

The General Assembly determines the location of the headquarters of SRE which is currently located in  Chemin du Soleil 3, 2604 La Heutte,  Switzerland.


Article 4

Official language of SRE is English.




Article 5

SRE’s main objective is to accept  international sport federations as members, support and promote them, enabling and securing that their sports and organizations are recognized on the national and international levels.

In concordance with that, SRE defines sport as: an activity involving physical exertion and skill aimed at physical and mental health,  in which an individual or team competes against another or others, following rules of competion –  for entertainment, or  as profesional activity.

In addition, SRE defines an International sport federation as : an organization which groups together National Federations (or organizations) throughout the world,  practicing and promoting its sport and regularly holding international competitions.


Article 6

SRE provides cooperation among its member federations, coordinates their activities, protects their interests and recognizes unconditionally the autonomy of its members and their authority within their sports.


Article 7

SRE provides  information for its members about all its activities, and particularly about international events, congresses, sport competitions and  multisport games in its organization.




Article 8

SRE accepts these categories of members:

  • regular members
  • provisional members

–    honorary  members


Article 9

Regular members of SRE are  organizations officially registered as international federations or associations according to the laws of the respective country they are registered in, which are associating national  federations practicing specific sport and  organizing  competitions  in that sport in its country.
Constitution/statutes, regulations and directives of Regular members must comply with the World Anti-Doping Code.
The constitution/statutes of the Regular member must also contain a specific provision recognising the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Regular members have the right to vote at the General Assembly.
The status of a regular member is  decided  by the General Assembly of SRE upon proposal of the Executive Committee.


Article 10

Provisional members can be developing international organizations who contribute to the development of  a specific sport internationally,  but still do not meet the full criteria for regular membership of SRE.
Provisional members can attend but not vote at the General Assembly.
Provisional membership is decided by the General Assembly upon proposal of the Executive Committee.


Article 11

Honorary members are organizations or individuals who have had a special contribution to sport development internationally. Honorary membership is decided  by the Gen. Assembly upon proposal of the Executive Committee.


Article 12

If there is more than one organization who is claiming to be the official and legally registered international sport federation/association for one sport,  SRE will accept all of them if they are properly registered and function in concordance to Article 9 of this statutes.


Members can be expelled only by General Assembly for the reasons of:

  • not paying membership fees or any other liabilities to SRE for more than 2 years
  • not respecting the Statutes or rules brought by SRE
  • seriously and repeatedly damaging the image of SRE and sport in general

Executive Committee is deciding upon membership fees for SRE members. annual licenses, and benefits that follow different membership status and obligations.







Article 13

The main governing organ of the SRE is the General Assembly (GA).

The GA meets in principle once a year, and delegates of all paid-up regular  and provisional members can attend it. Regular members only have the right to vote.

Assembly is called up with a note to its members at least 30 days in advance.


Article 14

If at least 1/5 of the members submit a request for an extraordinary session of the Assembly in a written form and submit it to the President and General Secretary  –  an Extraordinary Assembly will be called up within 30 days with a note to members at least 20 days before the Assembly.


Article 15

The General Assembly is legally deciding if  more than ½  of the regular paid-up members are present.
In the case of changing statutes or dissolution of the organization, more than 2/3  of paid-up members must be present.


Article 16

Every regular member  has one vote through the delegate it delegates to General Assembly. The mandate of the delegate lasts as long as he is withdrawn from the GA by his national federation. Members of Executive Committee have also one vote each.


Article 17

Voting is always by showing hands except of voting for elections which is done by secret ballot if there is more than one candidate.


Article 18

General Assembly decides in voting by simple majority.


Article 19

General Assembly decides on the statutes and its changes and can approve different, official documents and rules, as well as it can form different committees according to its needs, who are reporting to GA once a year.






Article 20

The President, plus  4 members of the  Executive comitte (Excom) are the positions  elected by the General Assembly, and the positions within the Executive committee (secretary general, vice-president, financial officer etc…) are appointed by the President.


Article 21

President can appoint  Excom  members to different directing positions depending on the needs of its activities.


Article 22

The mandate of the President and Excom members is 4 years, and same people can be reelected.
The mandate of a member can be shortened by Excom itself if the member does not accomplish his tasks regularly.


 Article 23

The nominees must be over 18 years old and in full possession of civil rights.


Article 24

The Excom meets at least 2 times a year.


Article 25

The Excom carries out all the executive functions and tasks given to it by General Assembly.

It particularly decides on membership fees and benefits for the members.

It takes its decisions by simple majority.

It is legally deciding if at least 3 members are present.




Article 26

President is representing SRE in law and in all civil acts, and by his function he is presiding the General Assembly.

Article 27

He calls up the meetings of Excom and leads its sessions. He is signing all the administrative and financial documentation of the SRE.

He is elected by the GA with a mandate of 4 years.





Article 28

General Secretary (GS) is an executive organ of the Excom, elected by the General Assembly as an Excom member, and appointed by the President to the position of GS,  with a mandate of 4 years.


Article 29

General Secretary is a connection of the Excom to all members worldwide. He keeps an update of the members list and keeps track and record  of all the events in connection with the SRE; represents SRE when President is not present, and also signs all the administrative and financial documentation and gives orders for financial actions.





Article 30

Accounts auditing committee is elected by the GA and it consists of 2 members with a mandate of 4 years.


Article 31

Accounts auditing committee meets at least once a year, and examines details of financial documents and status of SRE. It gives a report to the GA about its findings.




Article 32

The General Assembly approves the budget within the limits of expected income based on membership fees, sponsorship and merchandizing of promotion materials (badges, books, DVDs, etc).


Article 33

The Excom is responsible for the realization and application of the budget items, during the financial year that lasts from Jan. 1st to December 31st annual.




Article 34

Proposals to amend these Statutes may be put forward by the Excom. The Excom shall call the relevant Extraordinary Assembly in compliance with the terms and procedures as set forth herein.


Article 35

Proposals to amend these Statutes must be approved by at least 2/3 (two thirds) of the members having voting rights that are present at the Assembly.


Article 36

Changes in these Statutes become provisionally effective upon approval of the Excom and finally upon ratification by the Assembly.




Article 37

The proposal to dissolve the SRE must be decided by the Assembly with a majority of at least 4/5 (four-fifths) of the votes of the members having voting rights.


Article 38

If a decision on dissolution of organization is brought up at the Extraordinary Assembly called up for that reason, the remains of the property, after satisfaction of all debts or liabilities will not be distributed among the members of association but will be applied to any furtherance of any objects of the association as may be determined by the GA at the time of dissolution, or to some charitable organizations.





Article 39

The original text of the statutes is in English. In case of any doubts for the interpretation when reading a translated version, the English text prevails and should be referred to.

Article 40

The authority of interpreting any problems arising from this Statutes, resides in the President, Excom or the General Assembly, before any final decision making.

Article 41

In the case of dispute, the Court of the seat of the SRE will have jurisdiction.



This Statutes were approved by the General Assembly February 23 2016
It came into force  immediately.