We were delighted with our first ‘virtual’ General Assembly which turned out to be very successful. It was attended by representatives from VX, Racketlon, Inline Hockey, International Gira Sport Federation, Nanbudo, Word Kettlebell Sport Federation and Koshiki and other martial arts.

The Assembly was chaired by President Piergivanni Gkionchetta. All members of the Executive Committee were re-elected and n audit committee was also elected. We were delighted to formally welcome a new member federation – Koshiki, represented at the General Assembly by Taj Mohammad. Although activities for us and our member federations have been curtailed because of the Covid-19 pandemic we have still managed to move forward and we are delighted to be able to report a further growth in membership.

Plans are still underway as we look to organise our Combat Games and New Sport Games, but the timescale for these has had to be extended due to the current situation.