First General Assembly meeting of SRE was held in Vienna, on August 30th.

After year and a half from the foundation, and after many contacts to different international sports federations in the world, GA was prepared and took place in Vienna at the very place SRE Association was founded.

4 new members were accepted in regular membership status: International Gira Sport Federation, Global VX federation, World Kabadi Federation and FISAF International –  Federation of  International Sports Aerobics and Fitness.

GA has elected 2 new members to the Executive board: Ms .Diana Minarikova (FISAF) and M. Paul Hildreth (Global VX).

GA has also elected Ms. Kira Savchenko (IGSF) and M. Samuillah Musharraf(WKF) as members of the Audit Committee.

As couple of international federations  were excused because they could not participate due to paralel events that were going on withing their organization, it is expected that they will join SRE by the end of this year.

It was also decided that the next GA will take place in Prag im May 2018, during the FISAF International event.