VX is a young, fast-paced and fast-growing sport from the UK.  It isn’t an adaptation of any particular sport but elements of other sports are clearly visible.  The recipe is said to be ‘a pinch of pelota, a hint of hockey, a little lacrosse and a dash of dodgeball.’  The BBC simply called it ‘the best sport you’ve never heard of.’

Played in teams of five in a sports hall with five balls, each player carries a double-ended thrower-catcher.  Once the referee kicks the balls into play, players can go anywhere – there are no goals, no zones, no markings or targets.  Points are scored by hitting an opponent with a ball (scores 1 point) or catching an opponent’s shot (scores three points).  Once a player is hit (s)he holds his hand up, the referee scores the point and the player continues.  Although mechanisms are in place to spot when a player is hit, the initial responsibility is on the player to make the acknowledgement  – this is a sport whose cornerstones are honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and respect.

There are also singles (V2) and doubles (V4) versions.  These are both played on squash courts and are even faster and more intense than the team game.

VX is gender-neutral – males and females play on an equal footing at all levels and in all disciplines.  It’s also accessible to players of all abilities and those with many disabilities, too.

From small beginnings in 2006 it is now played in several countries and has a four-yearly team World Cup, an annual singles World Cup and a number of other international competitions.

More information can be found at

www.vxinternational.com – equipment suppliers