01- 06 November 2018 in Bukhara, Uzbekistan International Gira Sport Federation held 26 th World Kettlebell Sport Championship

for men and women, juniors (2000-2002) and seniors

  • Men: Adults, Juniors, Veterans (biathlon, separate exercises),
  • Women:  Adults, juniors (2000-2002), veterans (snatch, (jerk of two arms)

The 21th World Championship in a long cycle jerk

among men and women

  • Men: Adults, Juniors and Seniors – (jerk a long cycle of two arms and one arm),
  • women: Adults, Juniors, Seniors (jerk with a long cycle of one kettlebell and two kettlebells).

Athletes with disabilities

(men, women): press with one handed bench sitting , a jerk and a jerk with one hand – one exercise at the choice of the participants of the World Championship, time of exercise 5 min.