We have recently held our General Assembly in Vienna.  In the first place we would like to thank our hosts Racketlon Austria for their hospitality – we were delighted to be able to see parts of the wonderful competition they were holding.

We made good progress at the General Assembly and would like to thank all who attended.

We were delighted to be able to welcome new members – POSA (Pole Sport and Arts World Federation), International Rafting Federation, WKSF (World Kettlebell Sport Federation) and the ITTF (International Traditional Taekwondo Federation)

We also discussed the establishment of SRE’s Combat Games and the New Sport Games.  These are exciting developments – more information will be published later.

We, as an association, will work to support all our members in their growth and development and look forward to welcoming more new members.’

members of the Executive Committee at the General Assembly

SRE President Piergiovanni Gionchetta welcomes the World Kettlebell Sport Federation, represented by Oleh Ilika