Every day we are facing appearances of different sports disciplines and new sports.  Some grow and develop very fast, some
slower.  Some are more and some are less interesting to media and sponsors, which determines their speed and rhythm of development.

But all of them, no matter how popular they become –  bring all spectrum of benefits to their sportists and practicants.

Still, all of them face moments when they have to be  officially introduced to the society within which they exist, namely to be introduced to the local and national sport’s associations, national olympic committees and ministries of sport of their respective countries.

They seek for recognition, they strive for their status of legitimate sport organizations, and they look for their places in the existing family of sports.

Sometimes it goes smoothely, sometimes it  gets very hard. Sometimes they easily become members of national sports associations or NOCs, sometimes it doesn’t work out so easy.

Why is this so?

Answer is very simple:  the variety that is presented to official existing organizations – always results with a fear out of ignorance. The answer is always – reducing variety – practically meaning – rejection of newcomers, because it is the easiest way to reduce incoming variety.

Acceptance requires engagement, thinking, solidarity, sport’s spirit, and this is something we lack more and more in the organizations which are bureacritizing themselves more and more every day.

This is why we founded SportREcongized.

As it’s ultimate name says: All our members are recognized sports.  Sports by our definition of a sport as an activity  involving physical exertion and skill, aimed at health, in which individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

In addititon, our members are  in particular – international  federations of  different sports – organizations that group together majority of national organzations throughout the world, practicing its sport and regulary holding international competitions.

Our goal is to build a common platform which will help all sport’s federations to fullfill their puropse, and get wide recognition which will help them grow and develop their sports globaly.